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More about Clockwork Angels

Hey there,

I do an Internet radio broadcast on Tuesday nights from 9 until 3 am. I call it Musical Conversations. It's a lot of fun and I use the interactivity of the Internet to make it more of a conversation. Send on direct messages if you're interested in listening. I rebroadcast it on Friday nights (technically Saturday mornings) starting at 1 am on Plaza-Midwood Community Radio, which you can get at and that's a constantly broadcasting station as opposed to what I do through my own server and it's usually only on Tuesday nights.

All that aside, I featured Clockwork Angels this past episode. It allowed me the opportunity to listen again, even deeper and closer than I had on my journey to/from Pittsburgh last week. More impressions...

To me, this is their best work since Presto. I love Presto and when it came out I cheered that it was a departure from the keyboard-heavy stuff. This album is a continued progression. I really look forward to hearing things like Headlong Flight and the Garden live.

Is it just me or is Geddy's voice the best it has ever been?

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